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[[Patty has removed her robe and stepped into the cylindrical "shower" enclosure that Trish just left. She puts her glasses on a shelf and speaks to herself as she reads the shower instructions out loud.]]
Patty: "Shower instructions. Step 1: Disrobe, step into stall, and close door."

Patty: [still reading] "Step 2: Raise arms over head [she does so], palms forward, legs slightly apart. Step 3, step on floor button with right foot."

[[She instantly disappears in a whirlwind of light and noise, her hair blasted behind her. As quickly as it appears it vanishes.]]

[[Patty is standing in the same position as the previous panel, her arms over her head. Her hair is even more frazzled than before, her skin is darkened and sizzling, and she wears an wide-eyed expression of shock.]]
Patty: Step 4: Serve golden brown with a honey glaze and fresh garnish...

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