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[[Patty, looking more her usual self after her experience with the "shower", approaches a table in a dining hall. The table is labeled "Human Sustenance", and two Grey clones stand behind it serving food. A confused and possibly disgruntled black woman accepts a plate from one of the two clones, as the other turns toward Patty. He is wearing a chef's hat.]]
Grey clone: [excitedly] Patty! You're just in time for breakfast!
Patty: Planck?

Planck: That's me! How was your "shower"?
Patty: [guardedly] They still need work, but I doubt I'll ever need to shave again.

Patty: What's with the "h" on your chest?
Planck: [pointing proudly at the "h"] It's part of our new "Human Integration" project. Nick will explain at the all-hands meeting.

[[Patty looks skeptically at a plate of small cubes that Planck is offering her.]]
Patty: Right. And what, I'm afraid to ask, is this?
Planck: [grinning] A nutritionally balanced breakfast! Eggs, sausage, toast, and fruit! The black cube is your coffee!

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