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[[Patty walks into an auditorium, where Dexter, Fooker, Nick, and a couple of Greys are on stage, and there are humans scattered through the chairs. While there are a fair number of chairs, the vast majority are empty.]]
Patty: [Thinking] Uh, oh... Looks like a pretty meager turn-out...

[[Patty walks up to Trish, Sharon, and Trudy in the front row. Sharon and Trudy are apparently miffed, and Trish looks on contritely.]]
Trudy: Look, I'm not saying you _shouldn't_ see her, just... not yet. Not until--
Sharon: I have _your_ permission?

Patty: [Whispering] Sibling discord?
Trish: [Whispering] T-Trudy s-still w-won't let Sh-Sharon see th-their mother yet. F-Fooker's b-barely kept them c-civil.

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