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Sharon: I'm not a child that needs to be coddled. We've searched for our birth-mother for _years_, and now that she's here, on the same ship, I'm suddenly not allowed to see her?

Trudy: It's not that simple. There's still a lot that needs to be decided about her and Colonel Barker. The Greys aren't comfortable keeping them prisoner, and _I'm_ not comfortable seeing them free.

[[Sharon and Trish look on.]]
Sharon: Why is she even a "prisoner"? From what I heard, she's just as much a victim of the Colonel's schemes as the rest of us! Just because she was a crook in the past...

Trudy: _Precisely_ because she's a crook, and can't be trusted. The Colonel may have manipulated her, but she _knew_ what she was doing. In my book, she's just as guilty as he is.

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