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[[Nick steps forward to the front of the stage, and we look over his shoulder as he addresses the room. The chairs in the audience are suspiciously empty, with only a few filled. Patty, Trish, Sharon, and Trudy sit in the front row where we saw them in the previous strip. Dexter takes a seat next to Ki in the back. Justin stands at "parade rest" in the entrance in the back of the room.]]
Nick: Um, if I can have your attention please... My name is Nick Wellington, and I want to thank you all for coming.

[[Our view shifts so we see the audience's view. Nick holds a tablet in his right hand and gestures with his left. Behind him, Fooker stands at "parade rest" to Nick's right (and the audience's left) while, Pi and Planck stand on the other side. A round robotic drone with what looks like solar panels and a camera hovers around Nick as he speaks.]]
Nick: I... was hoping to see a few more people here this morning, but... Well, I guess that's fair. This wasn't exactly a "mandatory" meeting, after all...

[[We close in on Nick as he continues to speak. The robotic camera drone swoops in for a close-up.]]
Nick: It's been a few days now and most of us are acclimating slowly to our new environment. It's been a bit rough, I know. But we're working out the kinks as we go along.

[[We pull back to view things from the audience. Nick looks down at his tablet as he speaks.]]
Nick: Before we get to the details, I wanted to offer a bit of an explanation for what happened...
[[A man in the audience with dark but graying hair interrupts Nick. We cannot see his face yet, only the back of his head.]]
Man: It's about %&*$ing time.
[[Several audience members in the forward rows turn to look at the heckler. Fooker seems annoyed by the interruption.]]

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