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[[Caught a bit by surprise, Nick responds to the heckler at his meeting.]]
Nick: [hesitating] Um, e-excuse me, sir...?
Heckler: [angrily] Victor Brown, VP of Sales, Young's Petroleum... Or I WAS, until some %&*$ing idiot blew up the PLANET.

[[On the stage near Nick, Fooker glares angrily at Victor Brown. In the front row, Trudy turns to glare at him as well.]]
Nick: Yes, well, I was about to get to that...
Brown: [interrupting, pointing at Nick] You wanna know why nobody came to your little meeting? 'Cause nobody wants to even LOOK at you, you FILTH.

[[Behind Brown we see Ki glaring daggers at him.]]
Brown: [standing, gesturing broadly] We were minding our own business until those alien slugs came and made us their slaves. Not like we could STOP them, but at least they told us our families would be SAFE under their care.

[[Fooker is now visibly snarling at Brown.]]
Brown: Then next thing ya know, some nut job claims to "save the day..." by blowing up the Earth! Why would anyone want to hear the MURDERER of their families come up with a series of lame excuses?

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