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[[Furious, Fooker responds to Victor Brown's interruption at Nick's status meeting.]]
Fooker: First of all, Mister Brown, your family ISN'T dead, nor has the Earth been destroyed. We notified everyone of that yesterday, and if you'd given him a CHANCE, Nick was about to explain that.

Fooker: He DID save the Earth, but making the aliens BELIEVE it was destroyed was crucial to making them LEAVE. Now that they're gone, we're gonna do everything we can to get it back.

[[Nick is looking increasingly sad, and Fooker places his hand on Nick's shoulder reassuringly as he continues.]]
Fooker: Irregardless of HOW it happened, this man is your ONLY chance of getting your family back. You can blame him, or you can HELP him. Guess which one gets your family back sooner...

[[Victor Brown gets up and turns to walk from the room.]]
Brown: [over his shoulder] The only place I'm gonna help that son of a #@$%& is out an airlock. I'll play no part in this &*#%.

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