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[[Nick and Fooker watch as Victor Brown storms past Justin and exits the room through the door at the back of the auditorium.]]
Nick: [sadly] Well, I guess that explains why so few people showed up...
Fooker: [hand still on Nick's shoulder] Buck up, pal. We don't need HIS kind of "help" anyhow.

[[Pi (clone #3141529) and Planck (clone #6626068) approach Nick on the platform as the camera recording the meeting floats overhead. Planck holds and reads from a small tablet-like device.]]
Planck: [consulting his tablet] If it helps, of the 100 or so humans who came aboard our ship after the standoff, many have gone on to volunteer to help us with various scientific and social experiments.

Planck: Several are helping in the astronomy lab, others are helping us study human digestion. A couple volunteered for our human mating study (rather enthusiastically, I might add)...

Planck: Although there IS a disturbing number who've been simply sitting in their dorms, watching holovids and playing VR games every waking moment...
[[Fooker and Nick exchange annoyed glances, disgusted and embarrassed by Planck's last comment.]]

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