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[[Following Victor Brown's outburst and angry departure, one of the remaining humans in the audience calls Nick's meeting back to order.]]
Woman: For those of us who ARE still here, Mr. Wellington, can you please continue?
Nick: Oh... Yes. Of course...

[[Nick consults his PDA.]]
Nick: Um, the Grand Protuberance, the Grey leader in this sector, has assigned this ship to remain here and help us in exchange for allowing the Greys to study us, so thanks to him.

[[Nick motions toward Pi and Planck standing behind him. Both are wearing new emblems on their chests; Pi is wearing a Greek pi while Planck is wearing a lower-case "h". Pi looks dour as usual, while Planck is smiling broadly and pointing to the "h" on his chest.]]
Nick: To make things easier for us, the Greys have agreed to adopt nicknames that fit their numerical designations. The symbols on their shirts will help us tell them apart.

Nick: Since they have the greatest experience with humans, the Great Skaboola has assigned Pi and Planck here to be our liaisons. They will help us whenever we need it.
[[Planck bows grandly, while Pi grimaces and facepalms at him.]]

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