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[[Nick continues his meeting, using notes from a tablet.]]
Nick: A concern has been raised about those of us with medical conditions. The Physarics picked mostly healthy targets, but I know a few of us have situations that need monitoring.

Nick: Dr. Melanie Granger has volunteered to be our "Chief Medical Officer". [She stands and waves.] If anyone has medical or first aid training, she'd be happy for an extra hand here and there.

Nick: The Greys think they will be able to help us here, with Doctor Grander's guidance. If anyone has chemistry knowledge, a volunteer to help synthesize medicines would be welcome.

Nick: [scratching his head and looking apologetic] There's a... CHANCE the Greys may be able to "fix" some of these conditions, but we shouldn't count on it. Just let Doctor Granger know what you've got so we can monitor it.

References: Dr. Melanie Granger's first appearance; Dr. Granger on the Physaric ship; Sharon's diabetes and Dexter's health scares are among the health issues the humans need to be worried about
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