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[[Following his meeting, Nick is sitting down with some of the other humans. He's obviously depressed, and Ki has an arm around him as a comforting hug. Behind the two of them Fooker and Dexter are having an impromptu meeting of their own.]]
Nick: [glumly] Twelve... Only TWELVE volunteers...
Ki: That's not counting US, and more will come. I'm sure of it.

Nick: [crossly] IF they come, it'll be to shove me out an airlock...
Fooker: [whispered, to Dexter] Stick to him like glue. No involuntary spacewalks on our watch.
Dex: [whispering in response] Got it.

Ki: [holding Nick close] Don't talk like that. Focus on the positive. You CAN do this...
[[The two of them are looking down, and don't notice that somebody else has walked up to them.]]
Voice: [from over their heads] I don't know if it helps...

[[They look up, and find that it's Trudy, smiling shyly.]]
Trudy: But I'M ready to volunteer. Assuming you WANT my help, of course...

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