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[[Nick, Ki, and Trudy are seated on a bench next to each other. Ki is glaring at Trudy after hearing her volunteer to help with finding the Earth, while Nick looks at her blankly. Trudy meets their stares with a shaky, nervous grin.]]

Ki: [Cautionary, to Nick] Nick, this isn't the "Trudy" you think it is.
Nick: [To Ki, but still looking at Trudy while his expression turns to annoyance] I have my memories back, Ki. I KNOW who she is.

Nick: [Sternly, to Trudy] Do you remember what you told me in the car as we drove away from Lakatos?
Trudy: [Quoting from memory] "I'm ready for my penance."

Nick: Then do your part. Be part of the team. Watch each other's backs. Be a martyr if you have to. THEN we'll decide if your "penance" is paid in full.
[[Trudy's expression turns sad, while Ki's changes to curious annoyance.]]

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