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[[In the back of the auditorium (presumably while Nick, Ki, and Trudy have been talking in the front of auditorium), Fooker talks to one Grey drone while behind him Sharon appears to be talking with another Grey.]]
Fooker: [consulting a tablet] Howdy, "C". Did your boys come up with the gadgets Nick is asking for?
C: [hesitantly] We think so, or at least something equivalent.

Fooker: Something wrong? You seem distracted...
C: I... was asked to convey a message...

C: Your male parental unit requests an audience with you and your sibling. It's been a couple of earth days now, and you still haven't spoken with him. He asks--

[[Fooker interrupts C angrily, forcibly shoving the tablet back into the Grey's chest. C fearfully recoils.]]
Fooker: [angrily] Tell him I'll speak to him some time before the sun goes nova, so he can expect me in about four billion years or so.

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