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[[As "C" walks away from his conversation with Fooker, Sharon questions her husband about his father.]]
Sharon: [sadly] You STILL refuse to talk to your father?
Fooker: [angrily] I have nothing to say to him. Neither does Justin.

Sharon: [thoughtfully] You haven't seen him in YEARS. A man can change a lot in that amount of time.
Fooker: He HAS... into a self-righteous, heartless, psychotic zealot.

[[Sharon's getting a little frustrated.]]
Sharon: [insistent] He was TRYING to save the human race... in a cold, calculating, and questionably ethical way. There was a perverse logic to his plan. It might have even WORKED.

Fooker: You'll forgive me if my response is "Thank God we'll never find out."

References: Fooker's rocky history with his father was chronicled in "Gordian Not", while the Colonel's plan was central to Scylla and Charybdis
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