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[[Sharon and Fooker continue their discussion about Fooker's father, Colonel Barker. Fooker obviously still resents him, both for his involvement with the Physarics as well as for the way he treated his wife.]]
Sharon: Whether he was right or wrong, he's STILL your father. He's NOT going to live forever. Maybe it's time you two made amends.

Fooker: [still angry] There's a lot of burnt bridges there, Red, and HE held most of the matches.
Sharon: And YOU were wrong about Fred being an alien spy, yet HE made up with you.

Fooker: [thoughtfully, but still not conceding an inch] Yeah, I was a doofus when it came to Fred. But the way Dad treated us, the way he treated our mother... There's a lot more than simple pigheadedness to forgive there.

Sharon: [smiling, adjusting his collar] Then maybe you should take a page from HER book. What would SHE want the three of you to do? Keep fighting over her, or become a family again?
[[That got through and scored. Fooker's eyes grow sad as Sharon's question hits home.]]

References: Fooker accuses Fred of being a Physaric spy; Fred and Fooker make amends; Again, the Barker family history was chronicled in "Gordian Not"
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