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[[While Fooker and Sharon have been talking (we still see them in the background) Dexter and Justin are carrying on a conversation of their own.]]
Justin: Well, Dexter... You think you're ready for this little challenge of finding the Earth?
Dex: Am *I* ready?

Dex: I've read every sci-fi novel I could get my hands on. I've seen every movie and every episode of every sci-fi series in existence. I can quote verbatim volumes of facts and trivia.

Dex: [heroically] I WILL help find the Earth, and NOTHING can stop me, not even Martians, Klingons, Cylons, Daleks, Sith, Draconians, Kromaggs, Xenomorphs, Terminators, Vogons, Replicants...

[[Dexter's speech catches Fooker and Sharon's attention. From the background, they stare in stunned silence and Dex continues.]]
Dex: Not temporal paradoxes, or wormholes, or black holes, or plot holes...
Justin: [darkly] A simple "yes" would have sufficed.

References: No reference links this time, folks. But I do challenge you to name as many of the sci-fi properties as you can whose villains are referenced in Panel Three! (Premium subscribers can get the answers in the Author's Notes!)
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