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[[We still see Dexter and Justin in the background, but the focus has shifted to Trish and Patty. While Dexter and Justin were talking, Patty and Trish are approached by a Grey clone wearing an "F" on his chest and carrying a tablet.]]
Faraday: Excuse me, miss, but I don't know who I'm supposed to bring this too...
Patty: You're... "Faraday", right?

Faraday: [handing the tablet to Patty] Some of us have been working on a contingency plan to perpetuate your species should your transdimensional expedition fail to locate your planet.

[[Patty and Trish look at the information on the tablet while Faraday continues speaking.]]
Faraday: To maintain genetic diversity, each male will mate with ten different females and vice versa. We estimate that within several generations, the gene pool...

[[Patty interrupts by shoving the tablet back to a startled Faraday.]]
Patty: Oops... Accidentally hit delete. Guess it's back to the drawing board.
[[Behind them, Dexter calls for their attention.]]
Dex: Let's not be TOO hasty...

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