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[[In the background a sheepish Dexter is being stared down by Patty, as in the foreground Nick talks to Ki. He's obviously very concerned.]]
Nick: [to Ki] This isn't going to be easy. And it's probably going to be dangerous. It's a cosmic needle in a haystack. The odds are against us.

Ki: [comforting Nick] No, it won't be easy. But we've been through tough scrapes before, and we'll get through this one too. We started this together, and we'll finish it together.

[[The angle shifts, and we see that Nick and Ki are standing in front of a window looking out toward the surface of the Moon. All the others - Trudy, Sharon and Fooker, Trish and Patty, and Justin and Dex - have gathered around behind them. Nick's expression becomes one of determination as he puts his arm around Ki.]]
Nick: Right... Let's do this.

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