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[[Nick, flanked by Pi and Planck, is overseeing a bunch of other Greys as they install equipment into a new lab space.]]
Nick: This look great, guys. This lab space will do nicely.

Nick: [consulting a tablet] I think we can make this equipment interface with the MUTEX. I'll need someone to write some custom drivers for it, though.
Planck: [excitedly, waving his hand in the air] Ooh! Ooh! I'll do it!

Nick: I want you to help, Planck, but I have someone specific in mind. As for you, Pi, I have a special job for you...

[[We see Fred emerging from a container labeled "Human Refuse", while we still hear Nick off-panel.]]
Nick: "I need a backup 'operator', so I want you to shadow the guy who knows that job best..."
Fred: [thinking] Egad, the Greys keep this place far too clean...

References: The MUTEX; Combining the MUTEX with Grey technology: (1) (2); Fred as a MUTEX operator: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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