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[[Fred slithers onto the table where Persephone and Socrates appear to be waiting for him. Fred is holding a small cube with what looks like a bite taken out of it.]]
Persephone: Fred! Did you find us some breakfast?
Fred: Not Much. Just some half-eaten "sustenance cubes".

[[Socrates takes the cube and examines it.]]
Socrates: This things must be filled with more preservatives than a Twinkie. I've never seen one decay.
Fred: No, this ship is just too sterile. No microbe stands a chance here.

Persephone: We've only been here a few days. Maybe we haven't given them enough time.
Fred: THEY don't give it enough time. They incinerate their waste before it has a chance to rot.

Socrates: I think it's some sort of matter reclaimer that recycles and resequences the waste.
Fred: Well, they nearly reclaimed my matter yesterday while I was in there and I wasn't too thrilled about it.

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