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[[The two Grey clones, Pi and Planck, walk past several other Greys. Actually, "stomp past" would be more correct for Pi, as he is obviously angry. Planck walks next to him, blissfully commenting on how jealous he is of Pi.]]
Planck: Ooh, you are SO lucky! I wish I were the one who got to work with Fred!
Pi: My cardiac pump is all aflutter...

Planck: [confused] Was that sarcasm? I'm still not good with sarcasm. Then again, I assume your DEFAULT is sarcasm...
Pi: [furious] Of COURSE it was sarcasm, you gnarf!

[[The two have attracted an audience of other Grey clones, who stand around watching the argument with blank stares. Pi is gesturing wildly, hands waving in the air as he shouts at Planck.]]
Pi: I don't care if the humans call that thing their "friend!" It's one of the ENEMY! It could turn on us at any moment!
Planck: Fred ISN'T the enemy! You're letting your prejudice cloud your judgment.

Pi: [snarling at Planck] Oh, I forgot. You're now president of its fan club...
Planck: [haughtily] The human TRISH is president. I'm VICE president. The position of treasurer is still open, however...

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