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[[Pi and Planck continue their argument about Fred, as a small audience of other Grey clones watch on. Planck is earnestly trying to convince Pi that Fred isn't the evil enemy Pi believes him to be.]]
Planck: Look, Fred didn't even know he was a Physaric until just a little bit ago, and he chose to remain with the humans because he was more comfortable with them than his own kind.

Pi: [shouting in disbelief] And you're naive enough to believe that, you flargnak? It's a Physaric! It's trying to manipulate you, even if it can't control you directly! You can't trust it!

[[Planck looks on sadly as Pi turns and stomps off while finishing his argument.]]
Pi: Call me "prejudiced" if you want, but I won't be caught deceased alone with that creature!

[[We see Pi stomping off down the corridor, as Planck looks over his shoulder toward us with a sly look on his face.]]

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