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[[A little time has passed between Pi and Planck's argument. We see Pi working intently on some piece of Grey hardware as Planck enters the room.]]
Planck: Pi... I'm sorry about earlier. I spoke with Nick, and you don't have to work with Fred.
Pi: [intent on his work] Hrmph.

Planck: Instead, the Skaboola sent me to have you repair that faulty escape pod on deck 24.
Pi: [standing, picking up his toolbox] Really? Why didn't he send me that order telepathically?

[[We see the two of them walking down a corridor, passing other clones on their way.]]
Planck: You know how our link with the Skaboola's been a bit wonky lately...
Pi: Oh. That. We should really talk with Medical Drone 6022140 about that...

[[They stop outside a doorway festooned with warnings in both English and the Greys' language.]]
Pi: Although, between the two of us, I'm in no hurry to get that "fixed"...
Planck: [hand over his mouth in shock] By Zolon, I hope the Skaboola never hears you say that...

References: The Skaboola's control over the drones: in the "Negaverse", in the "prime" universe; Pi and Planck's growing autonomy: in the "Negaverse", in the "prime" universe
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