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[[Pi has entered the faulty escape pod, and Planck begins to shut the door.]]
Planck: I'll close the door to make sure you're not disturbed.
Pi: [over his shoulder to Planck] Just don't "accidentally" launch this pod with me in it.

[[Pi turns around to find Fred sitting on a table inside the pod.]]
Fred: Launch? Don't tell me the conference rooms on this boat are detachable...

[[The scene changes, and from outside the Greys' ship we see a single escape pod launching out into the starry void.]]

[[We see Planck, standing in front of a window and saluting the departing pod.]]
Planck: Godspeed, gentlemen...

References: Yes, there shouldn't be any sound in the vacuum of space. I'm declaring the Rule of Funny, so get over it.
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