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[[Planck (clone #6626068) has just launched an escape pod from the Greys' ship, a pod containing Pi (clone 3141592) and Fred, the Physaric. Pi is terrified, apparently attempting to climb the wall of the escape pod to escape Fred.]]
Pi: [thinking, a panicked expression on his face] Zoron's follicles! That idiot trapped me in this faulty escape pod with that... that... THING, and with no functional propulsion system or means of escape!

Pi: [thinking] I have nowhere to hide, nowhere to run! I'm completely defenseless! Just me and our mortal enemy, confined in a metal bubble with only the vacuum of space beyond!

Pi: [thinking, his expression changing to one of determination] Get a grip on yourself, Pi! Blind panic will solve nothing. You have to think tactically. If one of us survives this encounter, it has to be me!

[[The scene shifts, and we see that Pi hasn't been attempting to CLIMB the wall, but is rather pressed up against it by the force of the launch. Fred is splatted against the wall next to Pi.]]
Fred: Don't these "Star Trek" style ships have "inertial dampeners" or somesuch? When is this thing going to stop accelerating?

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