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[[Pi (Drone #3141592) and Fred float free of the back wall of the escape pod.]]
Fred: We're slowing down...?
Pi: [correcting] We've reached a constant velocity.

[[Both of them float in mid-air. Pi seems to be reaching for something in front of him, while Fred appears to just be floundering.]]
Fred: I don't suppose this boat has artificial gravity, does it?
Pi: It would, if I had a chance to fix it first.

Fred: You mean this conference room is broken?
Pi: [angrily] It's an escape pod. I came here to fix it... but it appears Planck deceived us both.

Fred: Planck? Oh, you mean that doe-eyed Grey who is always so annoyingly chipper?
Pi: [ironically] That would be the one...

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