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[[Pi (Drone #3141592) has opened a console on the escape pod and is beginning to work inside it. Fred floats next to him.]]
Fred: I don't get it. Planck seems like a nice guy. Why's he trying to get rid of us?
Pi: He's not. He's trying to force me to spend time with you.

Fred: Oh, so you're the one Nick wants me to tutor on running the MUTEX. Sorry about that... I never wanted that job either.
Pi: [growing increasingly frustrated] This isn't about Nick's machine.

[[Pi's grimace grows as Fred responds.]]
Fred: Huh. So this is personal. No offense, E.T., but what exactly did I do to you? I never met you until I came aboard your pristine, shiny ship.

Pi: [breaking, shouting at Fred] You're a PHYSARIC. We've been at war with your kind for a trillion ganadans!
Fred: Oh... THAT. Forgive me, I'm still new to this "Fred's an alien" schtick.

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