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[[Fred and Pi (Drone #3141592) continue their Planck-forced conversation aboard the Grey escape pod.]]
Fred: Listen, bub. I don't know, or frankly CARE, who got trigger happy with with the anal probe around you. I'm NOT your enemy. I barely know "my kind", and honestly, I don't like them very much either.

Fred: I grew up on Earth and knew nothing but human culture until just about a week ago. Believe me, nobody had a bigger shock to the news than I did. I'm still reeling from it.

Pi: [snarling at Fred] I guess it gnarfs to be you, then. I suppose since you've been "stranded" on Earth all this time, that makes you innocent of the immeasurable bloodshed your race is guilty of...

Fred: Um... Yeah, that was kinda my point.
Pi: [connecting two wires together] How convenient.

References: Regarding Panel Two: Believe it or not, the events of Scylla and Charybdis, combined with the "few days" the gang have been aboard the Grey ship, have only been about a week of time within the comic.
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