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[[Fred and Pi (Drone #3141592) continue their Planck-forced conversation aboard the Grey escape pod. Pi is concentrating intently on his repair efforts as he tries to restore the artificial gravity in the pod.]]
Fred: Then by that logic, you chubby little digits are just as "bloody" as mine... assuming my people had blood and I had fingers.
Pi: I was cloned a scientist, not a warrior.

Fred: Ho ho! So THAT'S your loophole? "I'm innocent because I never fired a ray gun!" How is your argument any better than mine? It ISN'T, and you know it.

Fred: ["arms" crossed] I'll bet it was you "scientists" who classified us as, what was it, "a semi-sentient virus"? It's easy to dismiss your enemies when you see them as inferior.
[[Grimacing in irritation, Pi accidentally breaks the part he's working on.]]

Pi: [snarling at Fred] Then I would have evolutionary science on my side.
Fred: If you knew more about human history, you'd know how dangerously close I am to invoking Godwin's Law...

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