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[[Fred and Pi (Drone #3141592) continue their Planck-forced conversation aboard the Grey escape pod. Pi is concentrating intently on his repair efforts as he tries to restore the artificial gravity in the pod.]]
Fred: Let's put this another way: Do you consider your species more highly evolved than humans?
Pi: [angrily] I would consider that a FACT.

Fred: Let me tell you something about humans. They have an unparalleled skill of hating and destroying their own kind. Their history is littered with war, intolerance, racism, and genocide.
[[Pi smiles slightly at Fred's apparent vindication of his point.]]

Fred: At the same time, they have an astounding capacity for compassion and altruism. Despite their past sins--or perhaps BECAUSE of them--intolerance is deemed backward and barbaric.
[[Pi's expression sours.]]

[[Pi's expression softens as Fred makes his point.]]
Fred: Genetically, you may be "superior", but socially, there's a lot you can learn from them. I'd pick their "inferior" inclusiveness to your bigotry any day.

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