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[[Fred and Pi (Drone #3141592) continue their Planck-forced conversation aboard the Grey escape pod. Both are floating in mid-air. Pi is concentrating intently on his repair efforts as he tries to restore the artificial gravity in the pod.]]
Pi: Fine. Maybe I should have a more open mind. I'll give you the benefit of a doubt if you'll do the same.
Fred: Suits me. I'd offer to shake on it, but...

Pi: Let's not push things too fast. I think I've got the comm fixed.
Fred: Excellent!
[[Pi snaps a connector together.]]

[[Both of them suddenly plunge to the floor as a quite hum fills the cabin. Pi lands face-first.]]

Pi: [in a obviously wobbly voice] Fixed the gravity controls too...
Fred: [with the same wobble in his voice] Woo... We're on a roll...

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