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[[From outside the Greys' ship we see a glowing beam extending to the escape pod where Fred and Pi (drone #3141592) have come to their agreement, and we hear a voice (presumably from one of the command crew) speaking over the communication channel.]]
Voice: Escape pod XQ34-76-24-J: Stand by for tractor beam acquisition...

[[Now inside the ship, we see Pi stepping out from the escape pod's circular doorway. He is carrying his toolbox, and Fred is perched on his shoulder. A nervous circle of Grey clones surrounds the pair, and the Great Skaboola watches them sternly.]]
Skaboola: Drone #3141592, I presume you have an explanation for these unusual circumstances...?

[[Pi answers the Skaboola, but instead of looking at the Skaboola he is glaring angrily at Planck (clone #6626068), who is standing nearby and whistling innocently.]]
Pi: A malfunction triggered the launch, Your Bulbousness. I came to repair the pod when it glitched. Fred assisted me with the repairs.

[[Pi turns and walks away, with Fred still perched on his shoulders. Planck happily (and presumably gratefully) watches them leave, smiling broadly.]]
Skaboola: Then it is fortuitous neither of you were harmed...
Fred: [looking back from Pi's shoulders] No sweat, big guy. Just fostering a new age of interstellar cooperation.

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