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[[We see Pi (Drone #3141592) walking away from the Skaboola and the other Grey clones, including Planck (#6626068, who has a huge happy smile on his face). Fred is still perched on his shoulder, and the two talk as Pi walks.]]
Fred: You covered for Planck even though you knew he did it. I thought you didn't like him...

Pi: The Skaboola's punishments can be harsh. Planck's plan was vexatious, but I can see his--and your--point. He doesn't need to be reprimanded.

Fred: Oh, *I* get it. You find him annoying, but you secretly LIKE him. [[Pi grimaces.]] You're Abbott to his Costello, the Skipper to his Gilligan...

[[The two approach two other Grey clones, who look at the pair in mild confusion.]]
Pi: I have no idea what you're talking about, but something tells me I should be offended...
Fred: See? This interstellar cooperation thing is working already!

References: For those too young to remember: Abbott and Costello; Gilligan's Island
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