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[[The whole gang is gathered together as Nick hands out assignments.]]
Nick: OK, the Greys have assembled most of the hardware we need. While I work on getting everything connected, I need you guys on some other tasks.

[[He looks over at Dex, Ki, Sharon, Trudy, and Justin.]]
Nick: I need you five to tutor our new recruits in MUTEX usage and safety. You've got more experience than anyone in its dangers.

[[He looks at Trish, Patty, and Fooker, but points only to Trish and Patty.]]
Nick: You two have little to no MUTEX experience, so I have a few mundane programming tasks for you. I'll give you the specs in a few minutes.

[[Fooker looks at Nick quizzically (and maybe a little angrily).]]
Fooker: So what am I? Chopped spleen?
Nick: [looking slyly at Fooker] Oh, I've got plans for YOU...

References: The MUTEX; Combining the MUTEX with Grey technology: (1) (2); The gang in panel two all used the MUTEX during To Thine Own Self..., among other trips; "Good" Trish has never used the MUTEX, while Patty's sole trip was the "Bog of Bloodbath" trilogy
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