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[[Nick continues his conversation with Fooker and Planck (Grey drone #6626068).]]
Planck: [incredulous] You... want Fooker to write the drivers to let your MUTEX device talk to our equipment? I'm not sure you understand exactly what you're asking.

Planck: We've studied your computer technology for some time, and it's largely incompatible. A software interface would be incredibly complex.

[[As Planck continues his description of why what Nick is proposing cannot possibly work, Fooker's expression grows increasingly skeptical of Planck's reasoning.]]
Planck: Besides, our programming language, VLURM, is in Base-3 and requires giga-ganadans to learn. It's highly improbably he could learn it in a reasonable span of time.

[[The picture of confidence, Fooker draws himself up straight, cracking his knuckles as he speaks.]]
Fooker: Planck, once you've learned one programming language, you've learned them all. I've got this.
[[Nick smiles, smugly satisfied.]]

References: Based on this conversion rate, "giga-gandadans" might imply several Earth years; Ternary numeral system on Wikipedia
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