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[[Nick walks away, leaving Fooker and Planck (Grey clone 6626068) talking. They begin walking through hallways toward the Greys' computer complex.]]
Planck: [skeptically] You can't be serious. There's no way all of Earth's programming languages are identical.
Fooker: [still confident] Not identical, but similar.

Fooker: Many languages are derived, or borrow, from older ones. C++, Perl, Java, and even (shudder) C# borrow concepts and syntax from C. Learn one, you have a leg up on the others.

Fooker: But on a deeper level, most languages are built on common underlying data structures and work-flows. The real differences are in syntax and available core libraries.

Planck: [glancing sideways at Fooker] A common VLURM program uses quadratic fractal arrays modeled on n-th dimensional hyperspace decision trees.
Fooker: OK, this might take an extra hour or two...

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