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[[Planck and Fooker enter a room aboard the Grey ship where a huge, curved display hangs from the wall. A large, equally curved control panel and a chair appear below it. Both the display and panel are dark, apparently deactivated while not in active use.]]
Planck: [concerned] Fooker, sir, I don't think you comprehend my concerns. I'm not sure the human brain can fully grasp the mathematical concepts behind VLURM!
Fooker: [incredulous] Pish posh.

[[Planck continues as Fooker tentatively surveys the control panel.]]
Planck: You're used to a Base-10 system due to your manual digits. Your computers use Base-2 to mimic electronic on/off states. We use Base-3 quantum phase orbits.

Planck: Your species has only just begun to explore quantum computing. We're light-years beyond you. You haven't even discovered hyperspace information theory yet!

[[Planck's frustration, and annoyance, gets the better of him.]]
Plank: Are you even listening to me?
Fooker: [pointing at computer console] So where's the on switch?

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