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[[Planck (Grey clone 6626068) and Fooker have arrived at a computer terminal. Fooker is seated in front of it as the two continue their conversation. Planck is becoming increasingly frustrated with his attempts to convince Fooker that what he's trying to do is hopeless.]]
Fooker: [hand on Planck's shoulder] Relax, Big P. I get your concerns. You don't think I'm wired to grok your super alien mega-tech. Take a chill-pill, Bill.
Planck: [confused] Was that even English...?

Fooker: When you've been hacking as long as I have, you've seen it all. I've deconstructed and rebuilt code so esoteric and obtuse it's make both your toes curl.

[Planck finally breaks, gesturing at a screen filled with alien text as he yells at Fooker.]
Planck: You don't even understand our written language! I don't see how you could possibly code in VLURM when you can't even read it!

Fooker: [dismissively] Oh, I've seen worse...
Planck: [arms crossed, glaring] Oh, really...
Fooker: Two words: COBOL.

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