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[[Fooker is sitting at Planck's computer with his back to us. Columns of alien text scroll across the screen, while plates full of black crumbs litter the console. A bleary-eyed Planck enters.]]
Planck: You're still at it? It's been hours...
Fooker: Yeah, I think I'm starting to get a hang of the syntax.

[[Seen from the front, Planck seems barely awake while Fooker is fully alert.]]
Planck: It's almost time for my hibernation cycle, and Sharon said she's not waiting up for you...
Fooker: Good. Let her sleep. I'm just now getting on a roll.

Planck: How are you even functional? The average human requires eight hours--
[[Fooker holds up a half-eaten "coffee" cube.]]
Fooker: "Coffee" cubes. Awesome stuff. Compliments to the chef.

[[Planck looks down, eyeing what must be the remains of numerous half-eaten cubes on the floor. He appears to count them...]]
Planck: Each cube contains 200mg of caffeine. By my calculations, you've had...
[[Fooker begins to oscillate rapidly, as if ever molecule in his body is vibrating intensely.]]
Fooker: Hyperspace Information Theory? Bah. I can hear purple and see through time...

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