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[[Some time later, Fooker triumphantly stabs a finger at the keyboard, as Planck (Grey drone #6626068) looks on, disbelievingly.]]
Fooker: There! El finito!
Planck: What? That's impossible! How could you even...?

Fooker: [gesturing toward the screen] Judge for yourself. I'm all for peer review...
Planck: [squinting at the screen in concentration] Well, it OUGHT to work, although your flow control looks a bit... verbose...

[[Fooker leans back in his chair as Planck continues to examine his work.]]
Fooker: Like I said, I didn't have giga-ganglions to learn everything, so forgive the quirks.
Planck: No, no... It's fine. I don't see how, but it's serviceable.

Planck: [pointing at the screen, an expression of serious confusion on his face] Is there any reason you used so many of this symbol?
Fooker: When in doubt, always add more curly braces... Unless you're using LISP...

References: Before anyone e-mails me, yes, I know the plural of "ganglion" is "ganglia". Fooker is making fun of Planck's "giga-ganadans" remark from earlier, mixing up "ganglion" for "ganadan". "Ganglia" doesn't quite match the sound of "ganadans", so he's intentionally making an improper plural for sake of the joke. It feels silly to have to point this out, but I know I'm going to get a ton of "Um, actually..." e-mails if I don't.
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