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[[Planck (Grey clone #6626068) is showing Pi (#3141592) the results of Fooker's VLURM coding efforts. Pi examines the code in disbelief, as Nick listens while working on Velociraptor in the background.]]
Pi: He did all this in one night?
Planck: Yes, after ingesting enough caffeine to cause cardiac arrest in a Denobian snaglebeast.

Planck: It's inelegant and ugly, but surprisingly efficient. Four other drones analyzed it and failed to further optimize his algorithm.
Pi: Make that five. Impressive...

[[Nick approaches the two clones, wiping his hands on a cloth.]]
Nick: See? I told you he was up to the task. Where is he now?
Planck: Well, the caffeine has worn off, so I wouldn't expect him any time soon...

[[We see the back of Fooker's head, his face buried in a pillow. It's obvious that he's simply collapsed into bed. He's snoring loudly, even through the pillow. Sharon and Ki stand nearby, looking at him with concern.]]
Sharon: I assume that as long as we hear snoring, he hasn't suffocated yet...

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