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[[New chapter, "The Hippocratic Oaf." We see Dr. Melanie Granger being led into a lab space by an unknown drone who wears an "NA" symbol on his chest.]]
Drone: We've set aside this lab space to be your medical facility, Dr. Granger. I hope it meets with your approval.
Granger: [smiling] It'll do nicely.

Granger: [apologetically] Um, I'm sorry, but I don't know what to call you...
Drone: Medical drone #6022140, but Nick just calls me "Avogadro".
Granger: Ah.

Avogadro: [consulting a tablet] Since there were no human volunteers, I've been assigned to be your assistant... "nurse", I believe. Although I'm afraid I'm still unfamiliar with human physiology...

Avogadro: [pointing at Granger's chest] Males are the ones with the swollen mammary glands, correct?
Granger: [dryly] How about you just observe and let me talk to the patients...

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