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[[Dr. Granger is welcoming her next patient, Ki.]]
Granger: [smiling and shaking Ki's hand] So, you're Nick's wife, Ki, correct? I'm Melanie Granger.
Ki: [smiling] Sorry you got mixed up in the whole alien invasion mess.

Granger: [shrugging] Nothing anyone can do about that now. Any medical issues I need to be aware of?
Ki: None that I can think of...

Ki: Well... I'm a former smoker. I haven't had any unusual coughing or chest pain, but sometimes I do get a little out of breath.
Granger: [concerned, rubbing her chin] Hm... We'll want to watch that, then.

[[Granger's expression lightens, and she pats Ki's shoulder comfortingly as Avogadro (Grey clone #6022140) lugs in a very large and semi-cylindrical piece of equipment.]]
Granger: I'll get Avogadro to scan your lungs so we can make sure everything's OK...
Avogadro: Lung scan? Sorry, I thought you said prostate scan...
[[Ki's eyes widen in shock.]]

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