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[[Dr. Granger and Grey clone #6022140 ("Avogadro") are seeing their next patient, Dexter.]]
Granger: [listening to Dex's chest with a stethoscope] And have you been following your doctor's recommendations following your heart attack?
Dex: [brightly] Absolutely!

Dex: I've totally revamped my diet and I've been exercising regularly. I don't get winded as easily and I've got a lot more energy than I used to have.

Dex: [poking sadly at his belly] That said, THIS isn't getting any smaller and I'm not really losing any weight...
Granger: [smiling] You're a big guy, and these things take time. You can't rush it.

Granger: [encouragingly] Besides, don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat...
Dex: [brightening] You're right!
Avogadro: [consulting his tablet, with a confused expression] I'm registering a gravimetric disturbance...

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