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[[Dr. Granger and Avogadro (Grey clone #6622140) are seeing their next patient, Sharon. Avogadro is pressing a small device to the skin inside Sharon's elbow while Granger consults a tablet.]]
Sharon: I haven't really had any allergy problems since I came aboard...
Granger: This ship is so sterile, there aren't any allergens for you to react to.

Granger: [reading from her tablet] I'm more concerned about your blood sugar. This says it's a little high. Have you had any negative effects?
Sharon: [sadly] None that I've noticed... yet.

Granger: Well, we know what medicines you were taking, so let's see if we can get the Greys to synthesize some. We'll also see about some special "food cubes" to tweak your diet.

Sharon: [sheepishly] And maybe I should stop sampling the "Raspberry Cheesecake" cubes so often...
Granger: [arms crossed, smiling knowingly] It tastes nothing like it, but it's still pretty good, isn't it?

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