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[[Dr. Granger and Grey clone #6022140 ("Avogadro") are seeing their next patient, Fooker. She's squinting a bit, examining his right ear with an otoscope.]]
Granger: That's quite an unusual nickname. I'm going to have to hear the origin of it sometime.
Fooker: 'Tis not a tale for the faint of heart.

Granger: [consulting her tablet, with a very concerned expression] Your pulse is elevated, as is your blood pressure. Is there anything in particular bothering you?
Fooker: [rubbing his head] Well, everything looks... bluer than usual...

Avogadro: [consulting his tablet] You are experiencing a Doppler blueshift due to a hyper-extended metabolism. I am reading a quantum phase shift due to excessive caffeine intake...

Granger: [to Fooker, a bit sternly] OK, in that case, I'm limiting you to only three "Coffee Cubes" per day...
Fooker: [dejectedly] Aw...

References: The origins of the nickname "Fooker": (1) (2); Fooker and coffee: (1) (2) (3); "Blueshift"
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