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[[Dr. Granger and Grey clone #6022140 ("Avogadro") are seeing their next patient, Trish.]]
Granger: So these "nanobots" were unraveling your DNA, destroying you from the inside out?
Trish: [smiling proudly] Y-yep! B-but D-Dr. Aki fixed me up!

Granger: "Dr. Aki"? You don't mean Akhilesh Sehgal? I met him once at a conference...
Avogadro: [interrupting] Pardon the interruption, doctor...

Avogadro: Actually, this scan says the nanobots are still present, although no longer destructive. In fact, they seem to be repairing scar tissue from past injuries...
Trish: [thoughtfully] I h-haven't b-been sick since...

Granger: [astonished, looking at her tablet] I don't know what Dr. Aki did, but they're now acting like a secondary immune system...
Trish: [eyes wide in surprise, hands covering her mouth] I'm a c-cyborg! I d-don't know w-whether to be h-happy or t-terrified!

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