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[[Dr. Granger and Avogadro (Grey clone #6022140) are wrapping up for the day after completing their appointments. Granger looks happy but tired, and Avogadro is staring at a rack of test tubes looking a little confused.]]
Granger: Well, that's all of our appointments for today. Did you organize those blood samples, Avogadro?
Avogadro: Um... About that, doctor...

Avogadro: [apologetically] I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I may have accidentally mixed them up, and I'm still having trouble telling which human is which. You all look alike to me...

Granger: [closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration] Sigh.. It's all right. We'll call them all back for new samples tomorrow. At least nothing out of the ordinary cropped up in them...

Avogadro: [interrupting] Actually, one sample did show traces of chorionic gonadotropin not present in the other samples. [[Granger turns to him, surprised.]] Is that significant...?

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