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[[Sharon and Ki are leaving one of the MUTEX training sessions. Behind them, through a door, we see the session still in progress. Justin appears to be leading it, but we can also see Dex with him as well as Trudy, who appears to be frustrated with the way the session is going. Ki and Sharon both appear upset.]]
Ki: These "MUTEX training sessions" could be going a lot smoother...
Sharon: I'm not even sure why I'm here...

Sharon: Dex is painting this like a "Star Trek" adventure, while Justin's all about strategy, tactics, and security.
Ki: They're just playing to their strengths.
[[Trudy has also left the session, and approaches the other two.]]

Trudy: [sadly] At least the four of you know what you're talking about. I had one trip through that thing, and all that sci-fi geekery just goes over my head.

Ki: [sharply] "You" seemed to understand it well enough to get us to the "Negaverse" that one time...
Trudy: [responding in kind] Ki, let's not start this. Not right now.
[[Sharon smirks a bit. Raising an eyebrow, she turns knowingly toward the reader, obviously planning something.]]

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