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[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy are continuing their conversation in the hallway, a conversation regarding the MUTEX training sessions. Sharon seems to be pushing the conversation a bit.]]
Sharon: [quizzically, to Trudy] Yeah, just how DID you learn all that stuff about how parallel universes work anyhow?
Ki: [crossing her arms expectantly] Oh, THIS I've GOT to hear...

[[Ki and Trudy focus on each other; Ki somewhat mischievously while Trudy seems quite serious.]]
Trudy: This isn't important right now. We need to focus on the task at hand: Finding Earth.
Ki: Oh, yes, of course. Certainly SOMETHING "you" learned there might be of use here.

Trudy: I doubt it. You and I both know I was never an expert on that stuff.
Ki: But I'll bet Sharon's just DYING to know why, aren't you...

[[The two turn toward Sharon, who has disappeared.]]
Ki: Sharon...?

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